Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kitchen Island Stools (& New Leopard Print Chair?)

Above are our new kitchen island stools.  
Below were are the old ones:

I have never liked the counter stools for our kitchen island. We brought them from our previous home and they have never been particularly comfortable.  More importantly, the stools were almost two inches too short for the height of the island in our current home.  Below shows the height issue.

I kept the stools longer than I would have otherwise because they matched our kitchen dining set (below).

However, since I am replacing the dining set (looking for a table that can extend to a longer length when needed), I purchased new stools, of course making sure the seat height was appropriate. "Counter height" stools can vary by as much as three inches depending on the manufacturer, so it is important to figure out what seat height you need. The stool I chose is made by Lorts, shown below. The stool is very comfortable, mainly because of the firm, yet supportive seat and the swivel function. The stool is of very good quality (sturdy material, smooth swivel motion, nice finishing) and the price wasn't exhorbitant... no doubt Lorts offers a great product at a reasonable price.

I ended up choosing a black, slightly rubbed back and distressed finish called Java with a dark brown leather called black bean. I like the fact that although the stools have some detail, they are still relatively simple. I also like that the stools have very low, non-constrictive arms. 

The images are not very good (too dark) as I have no photography skills. Below is a pic with the flash on, but the flash distorted the image, especially in regard to the leather seat...  the actual color is much deeper and doesn't have that hint of purple).
Here is a close up of the seat, where the texture of the leather and the slight distressing in the finish can kind of be seen.

Here is a (dark) view of the backs.

... and with the flash on.  Reality is somewhere between 'flash' and 'no flash.'.

Topic Two: New Leopard Print Chair?

I need a chair for the hearth area in our kitchen.  Below you can see the general area (and can also see how the previous stools were way too short). The area where I would place the new chair is to the right of the leather chair and ottoman, where you can see a glimpse of an arm and a leg of a chair on the far right.

Below is a slightly wider view that shows the chair (far right) that I am replacing. It came from our old house and was my boy Max's chair, who I lost last July. (You can see him lounging in the image).

The chair I am thinking about is from my favorite furniture store, Seville Home, in Overland Park, Kansas, (site). The chair is an upholstered wing back in a textured leopard print fabric that has croc embossed leather on the arm sides and back. Although the size and style is good, my concern is that the fabric and finishing of the chair could compete with surrounding pieces and overwhelm the small hearth area.  Here is the chair (pictured at the Seville Home).


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Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Additions to My Family and Replacing the Great Room Rug

I haven't posted in a while for a variety of reasons, one of which is that we added two Doberman pups to our family in July.  Taking care of two puppies is like having a new child... almost.  Here are the pups when we first got them. 

This is Rex:

and this is his brother Henry.

Here are Henry and Rex a few ago at the age of 28 weeks... they are sweet and handsome boys.



PART II: New Great Room Rug

Now for the great room rug..... below is a picture of the rug I have had in my great room for awhile.  It was a hand knotted rug that looked fine, but the 8' x 10' dimension was too small for the space.  

This is a pic of the original rug in place with furniture.

After looking for several months, I finally found a larger rug I liked. It is a hand knotted rug in an "Oushak like" pattern (it is not an Oushak, it was made in India). Here it is....

This rug has a lot of the same colors as the previous one, but is bigger (9' 6" x 11' 8") and I like the fact that I can orient the rug with the long sides parallel with the fireplace (see below). 

I also prefer its bigger, bolder, almost tribal like pattern as compared to the other rug. Here are some close ups of the pattern. 

Here it is rug with the couches... I think the rug makes some of the colors in the fabrics pop, especially the blues.

Closer up.....

I need to get the coffee table back in place... 

Other plans for the room include window treatments and doing something with the ceiling. Below is a pic of the ceiling... I think doing some sort of stencil/Modello in the circular inset around the fixture might be interesting.

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