Thursday, January 13, 2011

Master Bath- and realization that I may be a tile addict

This is the master bath as you enter from the bedroom.  

I would have liked the area to be larger, but as we were planning our house, it became apparent how expensive it is to build and we had to pare down many areas, including this one. Here is the vanity…

and chandelier, that I got at almost 70% off retail at a store closing sale. I really need to do something with the ceiling... any ideas?

The countertop is a dark granite with some greens and blues called Verde Butterfly. It is impossible for me to get a good pic (reflectiveness of the surface and I’m not a good photographer). 

Here is the toilet area...

We did a travertine chair rail and then porcelain tile down to the floor.

A close up of the chair rail (travertine ogee molding, pencil molding with 1 x 1 travertine mosaic).

We also used the stone ogee trim instead of wood around the shower opening … 

The shower is tiled, floor to ceiling (these are bad pics)... 

This is the tub area during construction.

 I thought it would be nice to have some wall niches in the area. I decided on the size and configuration of the niches without having any specific objects in mind to fit into them… NOT a good idea. Luckily, for the large niche above the tub, I found a mirror just days before we moved in which fit in the arched niche. I haven’t been so successful with the rectangular niche above the fireplace. Here is the miror...

This is the completed tub area. I have yet to use the tub in the year and a half we have been here. 

There is a fireplace that is double sided and open to the master bedroom.
 Close up.
  The flooring is porcelain tile, 10” x 20”, laid in a subway pattern that runs horizontally.

We did the baseboard area in tile and travertine trim instead of wood.

I ended up going with the same porcelain tile flooring throughout my home, with the exception of the bedrooms downstairs. This is because the material is practical and wears well with the my two large dogs. I felt comfortable using the same tile throughout because I mixed up sizes and patterns, which I think make very different looks. Also, use of area rugs has helped break up areas and the “all-tiled” look. For instance, throughout my main floor, I had the tile laid in this mixed size pattern.  

The pattern, which uses three different tile sizes (24” x 24”, 10” x 20”, 10” x 10”), can be seen better in this pic.

I put 24" x 24" tile out on our lanai. (This is from several months ago... I couldn't take a pic because the tile flooring and furniture are covered with snow right now).

Here is the stairwell going down to the lower level… 

I used travertine on the treads but used the tile on the risers…

A close up of the treads and risers.

For the lower level, I went with 24" x 24" tile laid on a diagonal.

I don't regret using the same tile throughout the house. I love the look of natural stone and think this tile mimics it very well.  After doing this post, I realize that I may be tile junkie… but don’t really care. :)

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