Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lower Level: New Hide Chair & Rug

The furniture ordered for our lower level finally came.  One piece is a replacement (due to upholstering defect) for a hide arm chair that I had already purchased. The chair that was replaced is shown below.  You can see the defect in the second image (middle back).`

Here is the replacement chair. It is fine, but I preferred the hide on the original one.            
                                                            This image shows the hide that is on the right side of the new chair.

                Here is the original chair I kept (purchased a pair):                          

Side view...
                                                                                               ...the pair together.

Other furniture for the lower level that came are a sectional and an ottoman.  I haven't taken pictures of things in place because I need a rug for the area.  Here is a shot of the sectional showing some of the fabrics, leather and hide on the piece.

The croc embossed leather on the inside arms is the same leather as on the back of my leopard fabric wing chair that is upstairs (see back of chair, below, for close up of leather).

I found a rug that had the colors and look I wanted, in kind of a tribal pattern. It's vibrant and probably not for everyone, but I think it looks good with the upholstery fabrics. Below shows the rug at the store (on floor at bottom of rug are sectional pillow fabrics).

I like the rug, however it measures 9' x 12' and ideally I wanted a rug more along the lines of 10' x 14.'  I could get a larger size of the rug, but since it isn't a "production" rug, I would have to custom order it, wait 6 - 12 months to get it and have no guarantee as to how close the colors and pattern would match. To put icing on the cake, the larger "custom order" rug would be quite a bit more expensive (I got the  9 x 12 at 25% off) and would be non-returnable.  Once I got the 9' x 12' in the space, I thought it was "passable," but have decided to order an oversize natural fiber rug to place underneath it. Below are some samples of sea grass, sisal and binding fabrics I brought home. I'm leaning towards sea grass. 


 Happy Birthday to my Doberman puppies, Henry and Rex. They turned one year old on June 18, 2012!  



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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Starting on the Lower Level

Our lower level is pretty much a blank slate.  There is a pool table, some bar stools and that is about it.  We decided to go with a rustic, casual look (per hub's request).  I recently picked out two hair on hide arm chairs for part of the seating.  Because each hide pattern is inherently unique, both chairs look different.  Below is a pic of the chair "A."

The chairs also have a textured leather and nail head trim. Below is a view of the right side of chair A, where the nail head trim can be seen a little better.

Here is the a view of the left side of chair A.  I like the fact that there is such variance in the hide color and pattern. Another bonus it that the chairs are really comfortable. My husband jokes that "comfort" has always been a novel factor for me when choosing furniture. :)

Below is a close up of the hair on hide on the back rest of chair A.

Here is a close up that shows the leather and the finish on the frame.

The backs are upolstered in leather and have the nail head trim. Sorry for the glare. The leather is not shiny. The flash just makes it look that way.

Here is chair "B." It is a picture of the chair at the store where I purchased it, Seville Home. (My favorite store!)  The chair is being reupholstered because the hide on the back rest is defective (has an odd rectangular shaped imprint right in the middle of the area).  

A side view of chair B.

As far as other furniture for the lower level, I ordered a sectional that has a slight curve.  I don't have an image of the piece but below are the fabrics, leathers and trims for the sofa and pillows.

 While at Seville Home I saw an ottoman I really liked, but thought that the embossed pattern of the leather would be too much with what I had already chosen for the area. (Ottoman shown below). I ended up ordering a different rectangular ottoman with tufted leather that is similar to one of the leathers that is going to be on the sectional. The furniture should come in mid to late May. I am hoping it is going to look O.K. as I have not seen any of the pieces in person.  

Topic 2: Kitchen Dining Set

I am also changing my kitchen dining set.  Below shows the set I have now.  It is fine but I would like a  table that can extend to a longer length when needed.  

I ordered a planked top table that has self storing extentions (no picture).  I am going to do six side chairs and have end chairs that are different. One of the side chairs is shown below. 

I really like the chair's silhouette and the scrolly legs and base. (The chair looks better in real life, not as orangey as it looks above... again, my flash distorts the image). I am going to wait to see how the dining table and side chairs look in the space before I decide on the end chairs.  I just don't trust myself otherwise. :)

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Leopard Print Chair

We needed a chair for the hearth area in our kitchen, to be placed to the right of the leather chair shown below, replacing an  old chair we have now (the second photo shows my Dober boy Max in the chair being replaced).

As an aside, I am showing old photos of the space because presently the area rug is pulled, the furniture is shoved against walls and doggie fences/gates are up.  This is because Henry, one of our Doberman pups, swallowed part of a rope toy and had to have emergency abdominal surgery for a bowel obstruction.  It was a big operation and because of his post-op activity instructions, we have had to restrict him to the kitchen and hearth area till he heals.  (See pic of Henry below... with a big shave job and a very large incision).  I mention this and  publish his picture only to show the potential dangers that rope toys, or any toy whose parts can be swallowed, can pose to pets. I certainly was naiive.

Anyway, here is the chair I purchased. It is a wing back that is upholstered in a textured leopard print fabric with two different leathers and nail head trim. The size and shape are good and I like that it has interesting lines but isn't too fussy. It is really comfortable, too. 

Here is a close up of the pattern of the fabric. You can sort of see the texture of the fabric in the second image (and a Dober head popping up at the perimeter of the doggie fence).

Below is a side view showing the croc embossed leather on the outer side arms and a view of the nail head trim. 

Below is a close up of the lumbar pillow... love the  fabric and the trim.  On the other side of the pillow is the leopard print fabric.

And the back, with more croc embossed leather.

 Below shows the chair in place.  It is hard to show how the chair really looks in the space until I can put the area rug down and the other furniture back in place, but will post pics when I do, which will be in a week when Henry is off his activity restriction. Although I was concerned that the fabric and finishing of the chair might compete with the surrounding pieces and overwhelm the small hearth area, I am glad I purchased it because I think it works.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kitchen Island Stools (& New Leopard Print Chair?)

Above are our new kitchen island stools.  
Below were are the old ones:

I have never liked the counter stools for our kitchen island. We brought them from our previous home and they have never been particularly comfortable.  More importantly, the stools were almost two inches too short for the height of the island in our current home.  Below shows the height issue.

I kept the stools longer than I would have otherwise because they matched our kitchen dining set (below).

However, since I am replacing the dining set (looking for a table that can extend to a longer length when needed), I purchased new stools, of course making sure the seat height was appropriate. "Counter height" stools can vary by as much as three inches depending on the manufacturer, so it is important to figure out what seat height you need. The stool I chose is made by Lorts, shown below. The stool is very comfortable, mainly because of the firm, yet supportive seat and the swivel function. The stool is of very good quality (sturdy material, smooth swivel motion, nice finishing) and the price wasn't exhorbitant... no doubt Lorts offers a great product at a reasonable price.

I ended up choosing a black, slightly rubbed back and distressed finish called Java with a dark brown leather called black bean. I like the fact that although the stools have some detail, they are still relatively simple. I also like that the stools have very low, non-constrictive arms. 

The images are not very good (too dark) as I have no photography skills. Below is a pic with the flash on, but the flash distorted the image, especially in regard to the leather seat...  the actual color is much deeper and doesn't have that hint of purple).
Here is a close up of the seat, where the texture of the leather and the slight distressing in the finish can kind of be seen.

Here is a (dark) view of the backs.

... and with the flash on.  Reality is somewhere between 'flash' and 'no flash.'.

Topic Two: New Leopard Print Chair?

I need a chair for the hearth area in our kitchen.  Below you can see the general area (and can also see how the previous stools were way too short). The area where I would place the new chair is to the right of the leather chair and ottoman, where you can see a glimpse of an arm and a leg of a chair on the far right.

Below is a slightly wider view that shows the chair (far right) that I am replacing. It came from our old house and was my boy Max's chair, who I lost last July. (You can see him lounging in the image).

The chair I am thinking about is from my favorite furniture store, Seville Home, in Overland Park, Kansas, (site). The chair is an upholstered wing back in a textured leopard print fabric that has croc embossed leather on the arm sides and back. Although the size and style is good, my concern is that the fabric and finishing of the chair could compete with surrounding pieces and overwhelm the small hearth area.  Here is the chair (pictured at the Seville Home).


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