Thursday, January 13, 2011

Master Bath- and realization that I may be a tile addict

This is the master bath as you enter from the bedroom.  

I would have liked the area to be larger, but as we were planning our house, it became apparent how expensive it is to build and we had to pare down many areas, including this one. Here is the vanity…

and chandelier, that I got at almost 70% off retail at a store closing sale. I really need to do something with the ceiling... any ideas?

The countertop is a dark granite with some greens and blues called Verde Butterfly. It is impossible for me to get a good pic (reflectiveness of the surface and I’m not a good photographer). 

Here is the toilet area...

We did a travertine chair rail and then porcelain tile down to the floor.

A close up of the chair rail (travertine ogee molding, pencil molding with 1 x 1 travertine mosaic).

We also used the stone ogee trim instead of wood around the shower opening … 

The shower is tiled, floor to ceiling (these are bad pics)... 

This is the tub area during construction.

 I thought it would be nice to have some wall niches in the area. I decided on the size and configuration of the niches without having any specific objects in mind to fit into them… NOT a good idea. Luckily, for the large niche above the tub, I found a mirror just days before we moved in which fit in the arched niche. I haven’t been so successful with the rectangular niche above the fireplace. Here is the miror...

This is the completed tub area. I have yet to use the tub in the year and a half we have been here. 

There is a fireplace that is double sided and open to the master bedroom.
 Close up.
  The flooring is porcelain tile, 10” x 20”, laid in a subway pattern that runs horizontally.

We did the baseboard area in tile and travertine trim instead of wood.

I ended up going with the same porcelain tile flooring throughout my home, with the exception of the bedrooms downstairs. This is because the material is practical and wears well with the my two large dogs. I felt comfortable using the same tile throughout because I mixed up sizes and patterns, which I think make very different looks. Also, use of area rugs has helped break up areas and the “all-tiled” look. For instance, throughout my main floor, I had the tile laid in this mixed size pattern.  

The pattern, which uses three different tile sizes (24” x 24”, 10” x 20”, 10” x 10”), can be seen better in this pic.

I put 24" x 24" tile out on our lanai. (This is from several months ago... I couldn't take a pic because the tile flooring and furniture are covered with snow right now).

Here is the stairwell going down to the lower level… 

I used travertine on the treads but used the tile on the risers…

A close up of the treads and risers.

For the lower level, I went with 24" x 24" tile laid on a diagonal.

I don't regret using the same tile throughout the house. I love the look of natural stone and think this tile mimics it very well.  After doing this post, I realize that I may be tile junkie… but don’t really care. :)

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  1. Lori, that is a lot of tile. It is pretty though. I have verde butterfly granite in my master bath too. My bathroom could fit in yours about three or four times though. I would have that ceiling faux finished and add a medallion around in place of the part that covers the connection at the wall. Our tray ceiling in our master is faux finished and I love looking up at it. It is just ragged in different colors and then little streaks of bronze are here and there.

  2. The tile fits the personality of your home. Very beautiful! I've got a photo of a dome in a bath we liked. I will email the photo. It's a beautiful faux they had done.

  3. Your home is beautiful, Lori. I'd be soaking in that gorgeous tub every night with candles all around and a fire in that fireplace. The home we bought has three showers and no bath tubs so I miss having a bath tub. We hope to put one in when we redo our master bath. Your chandelier is so pretty. You've done a nice job throughout.

  4. Your tile is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Have you thought of putting different shapes and sizes of candles in the box above your fireplace? Target has faux mercury candle holders on clearance right now...that would look great with chunky candles above your tub.

  6. Lori, your entire bathroom is beautiful! I love all of the tile, and that chandelier looks great in there. So glad I came across your blog. I'm a new follower.

  7. Lori,
    Your master bath area is beautiful. The mirror over your tub is stunning! What a chore it must have been to make everything blend so well.
    I love the open concept of your home, and all the arched architect. Your tile is gorgeous, the different sizes, color, and placement of them. I really enjoy seeing all the pictures of your home. Thanks.


  8. Lori, it's GORGEOUS!!!! I love the tile and your bathroom!! It's all gorgeous but I love you did the tile on the wall of the water closet. Beautiful!!!

  9. Beautiful master bath. The tile is gorgeous. I linked over from Southern in your Heart's party. I'd love if you get a chance to stop by my blog at Thanks.

  10. It is gorgeous. Exactly the tile I would want for my house. You can add some candles and sea shells etc. to give it finishing touches. Or paint the ceiling a darker color if you think it is too big. Have a great weekend. How are those Dobies?

  11. Sooooo those windows over your vanity area!


  12. That looks awesome! Atleast it will be easy to clean.

  13. Lori can I move in pretty please!!?? I promise to help paint and what not!:) Your bathroom is gorgeous. I am wanting to marry your chandy! Idea for the ceiling would be to paint the circle. I see a damask stencil and some faux effects. It would look stunning and draw your eye up even more. Not sure of your color scheme but I am thinking maybe in a chocolate combination.

  14. Haha... okay, so you're a tile junky. What can you do?

    Actually, I love it throughout the whole house. Much better to be consistent, than to have a mix/match set up. And I love that you varied the sizes and patterns - very cool.

    If I remember correctly, you're in the St. Louis area, no? We lived there for 3 years and I remember the summers being oppressively hot, so the tile should definitely help to keep you cool.

    As for your bathroom ceiling, I'm a monochrome girls, so I'd probably go with a variation of your wall or tile color. Btw, love the windows over your bathroom vanity.


  15. Wow...we do have so much in common. I came back and became a follower. I'd love if you would do the same. Looking forward to reading more of your blog. Thanks.

  16. A++++ for the wow factor! This is a fabulous bathroom. I'm happy to see the Verde Butterful granite (it's in my kitchen) with the white cabinets since I've been thinking of painting my kitchen cabinets white. Gives me a good idea of what the "after" would look like. Thanks for all of your inspirational ideas!

  17. Gorgeous bathroom Lori! Just stunning~ I love the mirror you found your niche, and love the tile. The windows above your vanity are beautiful as well! Thanks for sharing this at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  18. I almost don't have words...almost! :-) It is truly a stunning bathroom and I can't wait to see what you end up doing with the ceiling. I know you will fill it with just the right touches to bring warmth and depth into the space and you really can't go wrong with having that gorgeous room as a foundation. Thanks so much for linking this up to Inspiration Friday this week!

  19. OMG! Lori, I love your home! I could live on your lanai. I am a tile freak too! You'll see when I bring you out to the lake house. I love the natural light in your bathroom. Putting windows above your vanity area was brilliant! It's funny how we both trimmed out our bathtubs in the same shape, yours looks tons better than mine. The way you varied tile sizes, patterns, and switched between travertine & porcelain is elegant and the end result is stunning. You are so talented! As far as your ceiling in the bathroom, are you thinking faux painting in mixed shades of metallic? Maybe bronze, nickel, with a little mother of pearl? Shimmer stone? I can't wait to see what you do! Please let me watch! Please! Please! Pretty Please!

  20. Lori, pop by my blog. I gave you an award! You don't have to pass it along but I really wanted you to have it!

  21. Lori, I love all your tile! It is very warm, and you did a great job (as you always do!) breaking it up by using different sizes, etc. Your tile will always look great and never go out of style. I LOVE your white bathroom cabinets, as you would probably guess. The only thing I came up with for the niche (other than maybe a faux treatment) is to paint it a lighter color on the paint strip and then add a dark wood medallion. Or, a darker color with a white medallion to reflect the white cabinets. You're the expert, I'm sure you'll figure something great out!

  22. Lori, I do not know how this escaped me, but I missed this fab post! What a great bathroom, and all of the tile is awesome. You are major league talented sister!! I discovered the joys of tile floors plus dogs when we bought our NH house and it had a tiled kitchen and mudroom/hallway. Really the way to go with dogs and wear and tear. Our wood floors in the Boston house are scratched beyond belief!
    I adore that huge mirror you put in the alcove. Lucky you to find that, it is perfect. I agree with putting candles in the bathroom. As far as that ceiling goes you have so many cool options. You could do a metallic wallpaper or paint. Have you seen the incredible ceiling medallion stencils that Freckled Laundry recently got to try out to do a review. Amazing!!
    I think all of the tile is a nice cohesive backdrop for your rugs, and furniture as you do have an open floor plan. I remember one time going into a clients home whose father owned a flooring company. Everyroom had a different type of flooring, like parquet wood, tile, oak strip was HORRIBLE. So kudos to you and coming out with your love affair of tile!

  23. Beautiful!! I love these tiles!! :-) And the bathroom is amazing!

  24. like the tile can you tell me want brand and color it is. Would like to use it in my masterbath room

  25. Hi, I as well am looking for a porcelain that mimics travertine, and am having a hard time finding it. Could you please tell me what brand this is? Thank you.