Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Looking for a Cocktail Table

I have been looking for a cocktail table for my great room. Here is the area....

I initially was set on a square table, but started thinking that a rectangular shape might be better given the space and size of area rug. I have looked at wood, mirrored and glass tables. Here are a few of the coffee tables I have seen (all scale-appropriate)....

I love the spider-looking legs and the stained embossed top. Although I like this table, I think I need something different, maybe more formal.

This is more formal...this table has a black, rubbed back finish and an inlaid glass eglomise top.

Here is a 54' square table that has burl and nail head trim. 
Same table...

This is a rectangular table that is chunky, but could work...

I love mirrored furniture... here is an antiqued mirror top table.

This is an antiqued mirrored table I found on the internet from John-Richards. I'm not sure I like the metal dangly things and I'd have to special order it without actually seeing it.
This is the table my friend liked, which is the only reason I am posting the image.  Too much going on for me and I don't think a good fit for my great room in general. 

This is a nice wood table and I like the legs and the base.

This is a 54" square table. Pretty, but not sure...

This table has a stained, distressed planked top and mirrored sides with a lattice design. It's prettier in real life.

Here is another plank look table with an interesting shape. This is a bad angle.

Other views...

Off the subject, when I was shopping for cocktail tables, I saw a couple of copper top dining tables (both 60" round) that I thought were nice. I love the hammered look (double left click for close up of the finish) and the use of a curved upholstered bench as seating. (The bench seating is hard to see.  It's on the left side of the image). 

Another copper table...

The top is amazing. 

I am just not sure which way to go in regard to a cocktail table for the great room. I have to check myself so that I don't make a desperation buy (empty space in a conspicuous area).


  1. Hi Lori, I think you would need a dark wood table that is a bit massive to go with the furniture you already have. I hope this helps a bit . Hugs to you and the Dobies.

  2. Kind of hard to do fromthe computer, but I thinkyou are right ingoing for a rectangle shape. So that narrows down the choices. I like the 7th table shown (not the 7th image), and I like the mirrored table but would hate to buy something like that from an internet image only. I think the table should have more gold tones in it..and I wonder if the black eglomise topped table would fight with all the chocolates and golds in the room. So look at the second table after the mirrored internet table and that is possibly the one. I also do not think you want a solid base like the lattice one where it goes all to the floor, because your sofas do that. Show some leg girl!

  3. Hi Lori - it's so fun shopping with you ;).

    I like a lot of your choices, but my eye keeps going back to the same table, so my vote is for the square burled number with nail head trim - love it!

    As for the dining table - the first one is gorgeous - love the texture! We had a round table for years - great for conversation, but I speak from experience when I say I'd strongly recommend a single pedestal base opposed to one with legs or feet which don't get along well with chair legs, they get dusty, and they're a pain to sweep around.

    I can't wait to see which you choose.


  4. Wow, I like the idea of either a square or a round. They all look fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  5. Hi Lori,

    I think my favorite was the 54" square with nail head trim...

    I think it would have enough contrast to your sofas, would add a warmth to the room with the wood, and the size looks pretty appropriate for the space.

    I also liked the option beneath it, with the drawers... But that may be the practical side of me... a girl needs a place to hide all the remotes, you know...

    Love your blog,


  6. Hi Lori, I love your shopping pics! As always you have such great taste.
    Ok, here is my opinions/suggestions but remember I am no decorator!
    I love table #3 the 54" square, but I wonder if the nail heads will compete with the nail heads on your couches and dinning room chairs. Will this be too busy or visually distracting? Table #5 black & gold with mirrored top. I love this one! I think the mirrored top will complement your mirrored eglomise console in the dinning room and bring balance between both rooms. My only concern is that I don't remember much black in these 2 areas. Will it be too black? The area rug of the dinning room has a black trim so it may be just perfect. Table 7 is just beautiful but you have to look at the pattern on the top. Does it complement the dinning room table design or compete with it? The other concern I have with it is that you may get tired of looking at 2 tables with patterned tops.
    The legs are just beautiful on this table. I love all 3 of these tables but I think Table #5 the black one with the mirrored tops is just too stinking cute! I can't wait to see what you pick! Your house is just so amazing!

  7. Thanks for the shopping trip...I really enjoyed going with you (virtually)...being snowed in has its advantages!!!
    Those copper tops are awesome!!!