Sunday, March 4, 2012

Leopard Print Chair

We needed a chair for the hearth area in our kitchen, to be placed to the right of the leather chair shown below, replacing an  old chair we have now (the second photo shows my Dober boy Max in the chair being replaced).

As an aside, I am showing old photos of the space because presently the area rug is pulled, the furniture is shoved against walls and doggie fences/gates are up.  This is because Henry, one of our Doberman pups, swallowed part of a rope toy and had to have emergency abdominal surgery for a bowel obstruction.  It was a big operation and because of his post-op activity instructions, we have had to restrict him to the kitchen and hearth area till he heals.  (See pic of Henry below... with a big shave job and a very large incision).  I mention this and  publish his picture only to show the potential dangers that rope toys, or any toy whose parts can be swallowed, can pose to pets. I certainly was naiive.

Anyway, here is the chair I purchased. It is a wing back that is upholstered in a textured leopard print fabric with two different leathers and nail head trim. The size and shape are good and I like that it has interesting lines but isn't too fussy. It is really comfortable, too. 

Here is a close up of the pattern of the fabric. You can sort of see the texture of the fabric in the second image (and a Dober head popping up at the perimeter of the doggie fence).

Below is a side view showing the croc embossed leather on the outer side arms and a view of the nail head trim. 

Below is a close up of the lumbar pillow... love the  fabric and the trim.  On the other side of the pillow is the leopard print fabric.

And the back, with more croc embossed leather.

 Below shows the chair in place.  It is hard to show how the chair really looks in the space until I can put the area rug down and the other furniture back in place, but will post pics when I do, which will be in a week when Henry is off his activity restriction. Although I was concerned that the fabric and finishing of the chair might compete with the surrounding pieces and overwhelm the small hearth area, I am glad I purchased it because I think it works.

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