Monday, April 15, 2013

Expanding the Kitchen Hearth Living and Dining Area

For the last six months, we have been in the process of expanding our kitchen hearth and dining area.  This is the area where we spend most of our time and the original space seemed cramped, especially with three large dogs. After consulting with an architect, we decided to incorporate the exterior roofed upper level patio (lanai) that was just beyond our kitchen dining and hearth into interior space and then build on a new lanai. Here is a picture of the area before we started construction (the original fireplace is not in view, but is in on the left, in front of the couch.).

Another view from the far wall of the area...

To begin, a small foundation had to be poured that would support the new lanai (see below). The boxed jut out (with that God awful roof vent above it, that is thankfully now gone) is where the old fireplace was located.
Below, through the windows, workers begin demolition of the old lanai. On the left is the previous hearth area. I always thought that the fireplace looked like it was crammed in the corner.  
 Below is an exterior view of demolition involving removal of the old fireplace and wall... lots of media wires.
 Interior construction beginning...  this is after the previous fireplace was removed and an elliptical  window was hung in its place. Heavy plastic draping was placed ceiling to floor to try help protect the interior that wasn't involved in the project. This is when the party really started... not.
 Here is an exterior view showing early construction of the new lanai (on left with Tyvec sheeting).
Here is the new area early in construction, showing the pair of  windows that flank the new fireplace.   
 The image below was taken after beams were installed, distressed and stained and beginning of the install of the new tile flooring.
... tile flooring almost complete.
Here is a view looking toward the lanai after the flooring was done. 
 Below is a view of the wall across from the fireplace wall. We added five rectangular windows to the three windows that were there originally.
Here is the new fireplace and the two arched windows that flank it. I didn't go traditional with the  fireplace, instead choosing a 65" rectangular shaped unit (face/viewing area of the fireplace is covered by card board in the picture). 

Looking back toward kitchen...

So this is where we are... still work to be done, but getting closer to completion all the time. We think the space will be nice to use...
and our Dobermans love the extra 'sunning' space. :)

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  1. Wow. Gorgeous! Love those beams.
    Your dogs look like they are enjoying the sunshine! :)

  2. Love the beams & the floor! It looks like it's going to be a great space!

  3. Wow, it look's fabulous. Can't wait to see the finished room.

  4. Stunning. Wow - you've been busy. I love all the extra light the wall of windows lets in. The pic of the dogs basking in the sun is precious ;).

  5. Everything is looking fabulous! I'm just now seeing your last two posts. The expansion was very smart, and I love your table. Those dobes are just as cute as can be sunning themselves. What a great picture!

    1. By the way, that was me, Christa. Didn't realize I was logged out and replied as unknown :)